AirVisual Pro Monitor

June 29, 2018 Friday

It has been sometime since I last posted about the usefulness of the Speck air monitor, created at Carnegie Mellon University, as a tool for monitoring home air quality.  In the interim I have acquired a new monitor that I have been using for the last several months and I  am quite pleased with it. It is called AirVisual Pro, formerly Air Node Pro, which is a product of IQAir and retails for $269, about $69 more than the  Speck but is well worth it for the quality and added information it provides and ease of use. It is also quite  sharp looking as well; in my opinion anyway.

I plan to write more in-depth about the monitor and my experience with it in the near future but for now I will present the nutshell view of it.  The Air Visual Pro monitors PM2.5 ug/m3, PM10 ug/m3, PM2.5 AQI both home and local stations (AirNow), and CO2 (ppm), temperature and relative humidity. PM10  values do not show on-screen but are logged in the on-board data which is very easy to access. I download my data every morning into a spreadsheet I created and use to make sense of it in the proper context. Once I had made the spreadsheet template for it I could download and have the results I wanted in 5 minutes or less. But I am unable to resist constantly seeking new ways to harness the data by  tapping into the underlying patterns woven as secrets into tapestries.

The data is also accessible as a real-time readout on computer or via the smartphone app. I am not overly impressed with the app but it gets the job done and is easy to install and use. I was impressed that I could get the app without having to go through Apple or Google.

The bottom line for now is that the AirVisual Pro is a really nice quality monitor that is quite responsive and provides  valid and necessary information that seems to be consistently accurate. And, while it is not cheap it is probably affordable for most health conscious and health curious people on a budget.

I am always interested in hearing about experiences and opinions that others have regarding air monitors / monitoring, so please share your experience and help everyone make better and healthier choices.